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Admin User Name You can change the name used to log into the management pages. The default is admin. The
Admin Password Used to change the management page login password.  Please changes  this from the default immediately for oyur systems own security.

Contact Qorvus if you are having trouble with this.
Mesh Privacy Cipher This was used in the LocustWorld system that the Qorvus plug-in was designed from. It has no function in the Qcode system but was left in to be compatiable with the previous WIANA system.
Hide SSID Broadcast You can run a private network with cloaked SSID if your network requires more security.
Enable Node PPTP Server (VPN) This will enable the local VPN server for remote or secure in netowrk communications.

To use simply setup a new VPN connection on your client computer with with either the 1.x.x.x (in network) or the ethernet address (Internet, must be public IP). You then will use the login information you setup in the auto access list for VPN connections.
Encrypt Inter-Mesh Node Traffic This will turn on the inter-node ecryption system that uses a 2048 bit SSL key pair to encrypt data. You will need to generate a new SSL key via the WIANA system or Qorvus. If you have an account with WIANA

This does not encrypt data on the last link between client and the access point. Just the nodes in between.
Encrypt AODV Traffic Between Nodes For added security you can encrypt the routing protocol that is used for the mesh system.

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