Setup Guide for VPN pass through system
updated 4/21/2005 V2.0

If you want to be able to allow multiple wireless clients to access outside VPN servers (not managed by you) at the same time. All you have to do is set up your own firewall to allow it.

The Qcode system allows for VPN pass through traffic automatically and keeps track of multiple VPN connections on the network. VPN traffic is NAT'd to a single IP on the gateway node but as long as the ports for the traffic are open the system doesn't care.

If your system is behind a firewall, make sure your setup is set to allow the following traffic and redirect them all to the gateway node IP. The masquerading function should keep track of all the connections without a problem at least in the mesh.

PPTP connections
tcp port 1723
protocol 47

IPSEC connections
udp port 500
protocol 50
protocol 51

L2 connections
udp port 1701

You may need to setup your firewall to do this. Or just make the gateway node a DMZ host, which is what many clients do because of the built-in firewall system of the mesh system.