Setup Guide for Local VPN services
updated 4/21/2005 V2.0

If you want to manage a netwrok remotely through the GUI system or connect securely to an access point the best way to do that is through a local VPN connection. Once you are authenticated as a VPN client you become part of the mesh.

This is entirely different than the VPN pass through which just allows client initiated VPN session to pass through the firewall system.

The following steps will show you how to setup a VPN connection.

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Step 1:

The first step is setting the user up. Connect the the management page for the node you want to make a VPN connection with.

On the status page find the auto access / VPN page link.

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Step 2:

Add your user name and password to the VPN user fields and apply your settings

You can then reboot the node or SSH into the box as root and enter the command /hj/startpptp to restart the VPN services without taking the box offline.


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Step 3:

Next, go back to the client node and create a new PPTP VPN connection.

  • In OS X, open up the internet connection application and make a new PPTP connection:

    which is found in the Applications > Utilities > Internet Connect

    Then go to the file menu > new VPN connections > select PPTP and enter your details.
  • In Windows XP, this can be created with the make new connection Wizard:

    which is found in the start menu > control panels > network conenctions

    Then select to new VPN connection and enter your details.

All the settings should be left to default except the node IP, user name and password. The IP can be the ethernet IP, the 1.x.x.x node IP or the wireless router subnet 192.168.x.1

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Step 4:

Click connect and you should shortly be authenticated on the network.